What Are Some Tips Which Can Help Me Drive Safely | LTrent

What Are Some Tips Which Can Help Me Drive Safely

What Are Some Tips Which Can Help Me Drive Safely | LTrent Driving School

Interested in safe driving tips that will help you drive more safely as a learner driver? Here are a few top tips from LTrent Driving School that are sure to help.

1. Know How To Handle Bad Weather

It’s a good idea to practice the basics of driving in bad weather, such as slowing down, taking corners at lower speeds, and leaving a larger gap between you and the cars in front of you to ensure you have time to react, even if the road is wet or slippery.

2. Never Drive While Impaired Or Drowsy

It goes without saying that drinking and driving or driving under the influence of drugs is extremely dangerous, and can result in the loss of your Ls. There is no excuse for driving while impaired. Never do it.

You also should avoid driving while drowsy. Studies suggest that sleep deprivation can contribute nearly as much to the risk of accidents as driving while impaired. Only drive when you’re mentally focused, rested, and prepared, and can stay alert.

3. Avoid Distractions While Driving

Paying attention to the road is essential while driving. Using cell phones while driving, for example, is illegal and dangerous, particularly for learner drivers.

You also should not eat, adjust the radio, apply makeup, or do anything else besides focus on the road. Once you’re seated in your car, wearing a seat belt, and ready to start driving, you shouldn’t think about anything else.

4. Obey Posted Speed Limits

Speeding is illegal and also decreases the time you have to react to on-road hazards, which can lead to potentially dangerous situations. Never exceed posted speed limits to ensure your safety and the safety of other drivers.

5. Maintain The Proper Gap Between Your Car & The Car In Front Of You

You should leave a gap of 3 seconds between you and the next car in front of you, as this will provide you with plenty of time to respond to anything the other vehicle does. If they brake suddenly, for example, you’ll be able to stop and avoid hitting them.

6. Scan 20-30 Seconds Ahead Of Your Location To Stay Prepared

Being a proactive driver means looking ahead of you to notice other road users, red lights, stop signs, and other road elements. If you scan the road 20-30 seconds ahead of your current location, it will be much easier to identify

7. Never Drive Aggressively & Know How To Deal With Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive driving involves speeding, making risky road manoeuvers, and driving without regard for other drivers, and it often occurs when a road user is upset with the actions of another driver.

Keep your temper in check and never drive aggressively. And if there is an aggressive driver behind you, it’s a good idea to pull over to the side of the road and let them pass to avoid potentially dangerous situations on the road.

Learn More Safety Tips With The Safer Drivers Course From LTrent Driving School

If you want to become a safer driver, the best option is to take the Safer Drivers Course from LTrent Driving School. You’ll get training and in-car practice related to safe driving techniques, ensuring you become the safest and best driver you can be – and you’ll also get 20 logbook hours! So don’t wait. Book now, and get started with LTrent Driving School today.

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