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What Is Defensive Driving And How Can I Learn It

What Is Defensive Driving And How Can I Learn It | LTrent Driving School

Safe driving is a very valuable skill, and learner drivers can increase their confidence behind the wheel by improving their driving skills and becoming a more defensive driver.

But what is defensive driving, what driving techniques are commonly associated with this type of driving, and how can you learn the basics? Find out now!

What Is Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving is about more than just obeying traffic laws, wearing a seat belt, and avoiding speeding on a road trip.

This type of driving uses a wide variety of driving techniques to help you drive safely, avoid accidents, and always be aware of what’s happening around you on the road. Here are a few techniques that are often emphasized in a defensive driving course.

  • Driving proactively – At its core, defensive driving is about driving in a way that will allow you to react in time to any on-road situation. This means that you need to be proactive. You need to anticipate lane changes, road signs, and traffic lights, always watch other road users, look at the road further ahead of you to prepare for what’s coming up next, and so on.
  • Managing speed – At higher speeds, your reaction time to on-road situations significantly decreases. A big part of defensive driving is learning to manage your speed, and never exceeding the speed limit.
  • Staying aware of road conditions – It’s important to know how to handle your car and drive safely in heavy rain, fog, or even icy conditions, and this is a big part of defensive driving.
  • Avoiding distractions – You must be 100% alert when you are behind the wheel. Defensive driving emphasizes focus, so you should avoid doing things like fiddling with the radio, changing the climate controls, or even looking at passengers.
  • Advanced driving techniques – Defensive driving often involves things like understanding how to manage your car during a skid or when hydroplaning, which ensures you can react properly to such a situation on the road.

How Can I Learn To Drive Defensively?

Wondering what steps you can take to drive more defensively? Here are a few ways you can become a better, safer driver.

  • Look for online resources – There are plenty of free online courses and resources out there that you can read to learn more about the theories behind defensive driving, such as being proactive and properly anticipating the actions of other road users.
  • Watch videos about advanced driving skills & defensive driving – Video resources can help you learn more about the driving skills you’ll need to drive safely. YouTube is a great resource for safe driving lessons!
  • Take a defensive driving course – The best way to learn about defensive driving is to take a course from a driving school. A defensive driving course will educate you on the theory and practical applications of driving defensively – ensuring you become a better, safer driver. You’ll even get in-car lessons to practice what you’ve learned, which ensures you’ll be able to drive safely on Australia’s roads.

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