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What Is The Safer Driving Course

What Is The Safer Driving Course | LTrent Driving School

The Safer Driving Course is great for NSW drivers that want to learn about how to best become a safe driver.

The course helps you to learn about reducing risks that may be on the road, anticipating any hazardous situations, and can even teach you how to make the best decisions possible while on the road!

With the help of a certified driving instructor, completing the course is simple. In-class and car coaching sessions provide a safe environment for learner drivers after the driving test.

Reducing high risk driving and promoting road safety is one of the best ways in which to make our roads safer. Learner drivers tend to have fewer crashes than those that hold provisional licences, so this really is a fantastic opportunity to learn!

Students will participate in both on-the-road and in-class sessions that involve group discussion on road safety and the benefits of low risk driving.

Other benefits of taking the Safer Drivers Course include getting a better understanding of what it means to be a safe P-plate driver, as well as those bonus hours of log book credit that will be needed to help mitigate risky driving.

The course has been subsidised by Transport NSW, and the course costs amount to only $7 per logbook hour, for a total of $140! Courses must be paid in full before attending the first Safer Drivers Course module.

The total course duration is five hours. Three of these hours take place in Module 1 and are focused on the theory of safe driving. Two hours of practical lessons are the focus of Module 2.

Module 1

During Module 1, students will engage in a facilitated group discussion with 10-12 other learner drivers. They’ll get the opportunity to explore the strategies that can help them create safe driving behaviours, and will take part in various activities throughout the session.

This first session topics include things like gap selection, external and internal influences, speed management, hazard management, following distance, and more! The course is designed to create a safe space in which learner drivers can truly educate themselves about road safety so that they can leave the course feeling better than ever while on the road.

Module 2

In Module 2, students will get a two-hour coaching session to complete the driving course. Two learner drivers will be in the car road driving with a driver trainer. Each student will get the chance to go on several drives each on a specific route.

These drives are designed specifically to help lower the number of major crashes that most commonly occur on NSW roads. The process includes how to recognise and respond to hazards, checking one’s personal compass, and how to engage in stationary low-risk driving.

The program is designed to help students under 25 years old feel comfortable behind the wheel. Students must have completed a minimum of 50 log book hours and can gain an additional 20 hours of logbook bonus hours from taking the course. Additionally, students must hold a NSW government Learners Licence.

Become a Safer Driver With LTrent Driving School

To get started with the Safer Drivers Course, first check NSW venues near you in Sydney, Newcastle, Illawarra, and Central Coast. From there, simply enrol online using LTrent’s online system, or give us a call on 02 8748 4500. You can even book with a friend! Simply call with your friend’s information, and we’ll make sure they have a spot as well.

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