What Should You Not Do Alongside a Truck When Passing? | LTrent Driving School

What Should You Not Do Alongside a Truck When Passing?

What Should You Not Do Alongside a Truck When Passing? | LTrent Driving School Blog

Sharing the road with commercial trucks can be frightening, especially for new drivers. This is because they take longer to seize motion in comparison to passenger vehicles. Additionally, large vehicles have larger blind spots that can cause accidents in case of irresponsible driving. Below are some of the things you should refrain from when passing a large truck. 

Hasty and Uncalculated Passing

Safety precaution is paramount when passing any vehicle. However, more caution is necessary when passing a truck on the road. When contemplating to pass one, follow these guidelines for enhanced safety:

  • Always ensure that you signal in advance and maintain a consistent speed. 
  • Make sure the truck driver has a clear view of your vehicle. 
  • After passing, check on the rear-view mirror to ensure a safe distance before getting back to your lane.
  • Slow down to create space in front of you when the truck is passing your car. 

Following the Truck at a Close Distance

It is recommended that you maintain a safe distance (of about four seconds) between the truck and your car. Trucks have large bodies, and moving close can block the driver’s view of your vehicle. Additionally, increasing the safe distance can increase reaction time to dangers such as tire blowouts. 

Passing on Wide Turns

Experts from top-rated driving schools such as LTrent recommend that you should not attempt to pass a truck on wide turns. Semi-trucks take more time to manoeuvre, especially in bends. This is because the truck driver may sway in one direction to gain room to make a perfect turn. Also, always ensure that there is enough space between your car and the truck to complete the turn. 

Impatient Driving

Irresponsible driving when sharing the road with trucks can lead to fatal accidents. These are some of the impatient driving acts that you should avoid:

  • Changing lanes abruptly—this can cause misjudgments that may lead to accidents.
  • Driving at unsafe speed—trucks take time to slow down; hence approaching them at high speed can lead to misunderstanding among drivers.
  • Failure to slow down when approaching construction sites, road repair areas, and other contentious places. 
  • Following a truck at a close distance.
  • Unsafe turning and passing.

Driving Under Influence

Drug and alcohol abuse cause vision impairment. This leads to disrupted judgment and poor reaction time. It is dangerous and may lead to disastrous results when sharing the road with trucks. It’s better if you allow another driver to hold the steering wheel rather than driving under the influence or in an exhausted state.

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