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What Tips Do Experienced Drivers Have For Learners

What Tips Do Experienced Drivers Have For Learners | LTrent Driving School Blog

Learning to drive is an important part of life in Australia, but passing your driving test isn’t easy. Wondering what driving tips experienced drivers and driving instructors have for learners? Find out below.

1. Frequently Check Rear & Side Mirrors, As Well As Blind Spots

Always check your blind spots and side mirrors whenever you change the position of your vehicle, and check your rear-view mirror every 5-8 seconds to make sure you know if there are cars behind you.

Frequently checking your mirrors and performing “head checks” is the best way to make sure you know about all of the vehicles, pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and other road users who may be around you, and can help you avoid potential hazards and accidents.

2. Be Proactive & Scan 20-30 Seconds In Front Of Your Car

Proactive driving is at the heart of safe driving. For this reason, you shouldn’t just look at the car directly in front of you while driving. You should also be looking further up the road, at least 20-30 seconds in front of your own car.

This way, you can identify things like parked cars, stop lights and stop signs, highway exits, lane changes, and other road elements further ahead of time, which allows you to make better decisions while driving and stay safe on the road.

3. Keep Both Hands On The Steering Wheel

It’s easier to turn the wheel and manoeuvre your vehicle properly with both hands on the steering wheel. In addition, keeping both hands on the wheel whenever your car is moving is a good way to help eliminate distractions – you’re less likely to fiddle with the radio, climate controls, or other things in your car.

4. Stick With An Automatic Or Manual Car As You Learn

When it comes to learning how to drive, either an automatic or manual is fine – as long as you choose one and stick to it. Usually, an automatic is easier to learn to drive, since you only have to worry about the gas pedal and brake pedal, and there’s no clutch or manual shifter.

However, note that if you learn to drive on an automatic, you can’t drive a manual car unless you retake and pass the driving test with a manual car. If you plan on driving both automatics and manuals, take your test in a manual car.

5. Never Exceed The Posted Speed Limit

Learning to control your speed is an essential skill that learner drivers often have trouble with. Speeding is illegal and can result in the revocation of your learner’s licence or quite a few demerit points, depending on how fast you’re going.

Not only that, but it’s a safety issue. The faster you drive, the less likely you will be able to react properly to a potential hazard, which could lead to an accident that otherwise would have been avoidable.

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