What To Expect In Your Second Driving Lesson | LTrent Driving School

What To Expect In Your Second Driving Lesson

What To Expect In Your Second Driving Lesson | LTrent Driving School

Once you’ve gone through your first driving lesson, you’re probably more comfortable with what to expect from your lessons overall. Now that you’ve met your instructor or instructors and have likely had more private practice, you may also feel more comfortable talking to them and asking any questions you may have.

Your driving instructors will have taken ample notes during your first driving lesson, and will know where you may be having difficulty or may need work on certain driving practices.

As with the first driving lesson, your instructor will bring you to a quiet road for your hour lesson. The instructor will help you with start and stop techniques, including clutch control. Moving off and stopping are important parts of the process. Learning to stop the car will be evaluated carefully during your driving test. When it comes to learning to drive, these particular skills are ones that you’ll not only need to learn, but you’ll need to build on and master to get your driving licence.

Yet again, it’s important to ask any questions you may have of your instructor during your lesson. If you need a refresher on the basics that you learned over the course of your first lesson, you can ask about that at the beginning of the second lesson. Your instructor will be able to help make sure that you feel more comfortable with these concepts before moving on to the new concepts that will be explored in the second lesson.

Additionally, you’ll get more of an opportunity to navigate behind the wheel during your second lesson. The road your on is likely to be one nearby the first road that you began learning on, so you’ll be getting more familiar with the area as well as the rules of the road.

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Learning to drive can often be something that seems scary or beyond your power. However, with the help of LTrent driving instructors, you’ll be able to approach your practical licence test with ample confidence.

Statistics have shown that those drivers who get more time with supervised drivers – especially licenced driving instructors – end up mitigating their risk of accidents in their first two years of driving solo. This second lesson will start to explore some of the risks of driving that you may run into on the road. This can include traffic patterns, potential road hazards, or any other number of things you may come across during your time as a licenced driver.

By the end of your lesson, your driving instructor will help you with going over the concepts you explored during the first two lessons. You’ll want to use this time to make sure that you thoroughly understand the things that you’ve learned – and if you have any other questions for your instructor, now is a good time to ask them!

Your instructor will help you with understanding what kinds of things you may find on your driving test, and if you’re in a position to be taking the test soon, will even make sure to wish you good luck before you go forward with taking the test.

Remember, your instructor is there to help you. Your time with them is valuable, so it’s important to use it to your utmost advantage! Be sure to get the most out of your lesson by going over anything you don’t understand, asking ample questions, and getting a good feel for the rules of the road.

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LTrent also offer the Safer Driver Course, which is made up of 3 hours in class activities and 2 hours of in car lessons, with which you can record a total of 20 hours in your logbook. The course is fun and engaging and guarantees to help you be safe on the road, long after the driving test has been completed.

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