What To Look For In A Driving School | LTrent Driving Lessons

What To Look For In A Driving School

What To Look For In A Driving School | LTrent Driving Lessons

Looking to build your driving skills while you’re learning to drive? Want to make sure you pass your driving test and graduate from your learner’s licence to a P1 and P2 licence quickly?

If you want to drive safely, you may be looking for professional driving instructors online. But choosing a driving school isn’t always easy.

How can you find a driving school that offers high-quality instruction, and helps you learn about good driving practices and safety? Here are a few tips from LTrent Driving School that will help learner drivers choose the right driving school!

1. Make Sure The Instructor Is Fully Qualified

First and foremost, make sure that you choose a driving school that has fully-qualified driving instructors. The process of becoming certified as a driving instructor is quite complex and involved – and qualified instructors must demonstrate their mastery of driving-related concepts and manoeuvres.

At LTrent Driving School, you can trust us to provide you with completely-qualified instructors during your driving lesson. Our friendly, professional instructors will ensure that you feel comfortable while you’re driving, and give you the tips and feedback you’ll need to become a safer driver.

2. See If They Offer Manual Or Automatic Vehicles

Ideally, your driving school should offer a choice of vehicle, and provide you with either a manual or automatic transmission vehicle. This way, you can learn in a vehicle that’s similar to the car you’ll drive once you pass your initial tests and earn your learner’s licence.

3. Look For A Driving School That Has Cars With Dual Controls

Dual control cars have brakes (and clutches, for manual cars) on the passenger side, ensuring that your driving instructor can stop the car for you in a dangerous situation, or if something unexpected happens.

Ideally, this will never be necessary. But you never know what may happen during a driving lesson, so dual controls will help you get peace of mind and stay more comfortable while being instructed on basic driving concepts.

4. Make Sure Your Driving School Offers Comprehensive Courses

Your driving school should have a systematized method of driver training – and offer more than just hands-on driving instruction. For example, at LTrent Driving School, we use the Trent Method, which includes:

  • A comprehensive curriculum with a 128-page handbook, student record card and 54 instruction topics and lesson plans
  • Overview of safety concepts
  • New skills instruction and development methods
  • Distinct training locations
  • Skill assessments to determine your level of driving skill

You’ll get sequential, ordered training, accurate feedback on your progress, and short/long-term goals that will help you get your licence sooner – as well as hands-on road instruction that will ensure you have the skills you need to drive safely.

Follow These Tips – Choose A Qualified Driving School In NSW!

As you can see, a reputable driving school like LTrent Driving School is the best choice if you’re a learner driver in the area. If you’re interested in building your driving skills, we’re here to help. Contact us to learn more about our services and locations, and to schedule a consultation and learn more about why we’re the #1 driving school in NSW and VIC. Call 02 8748 4500 for Sydney and 1300 717 115, or book directly through the button below.

LTrent Driving School also provides the Safer Drivers Course for NSW learner drivers to gain the right skills and stay safe on the road.

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