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What’s The Hardest Part Of Passing A Driving Test

What’s The Hardest Part Of Passing A Driving Test | LTrent Driving School

Passing the practical driving test to get your Ps in NSW can be a very difficult process, and if you want to pass your driving test on the first go, you may be wondering what the hardest part of the test is.

Lots of people have a hard time passing their road test. While you can always take it again, it’s demoralizing to repeat the test two, three, or more times just to get your Ps.

So what’s the hardest part of passing a driving test, and how can you prepare to overcome it? Find out now in this article from LTrent Driving School.

The Hardest Part Of Passing A Driving Test Is… Nerves!

The hardest part of passing a driving test isn’t remembering to signal, doing head checks, or reverse parking. No, the hardest part is dealing with the nerves of driving a car while having your every move monitored by an examiner, and knowing that a few mistakes could cause you to fail your test.

It’s hard to focus on obeying road rules, following the speed limit, and making good decisions while you’re nervous, and even experienced learner drivers fail because they made a simple mistake due to nerves.

So, if you can enter your drive test with confidence and fight back against nerves, you’ll have a much better chance of passing on your first go!

How To Prepare For Your Test & Feel More Calm

Staying calm during your driving test is easier said than done – but here are some of our tips.

  • Get plenty of sleep – Make sure you’re well-rested, have eaten, and are hydrated before your test to ensure you’re in the best possible state of mind before the test begins.
  • Deepen your knowledge of road rules – Even after you pass your theory test, study up on NSW road rules to make sure that you know what you can (and can’t) do during your driving test.
  • Practice as much as you can – You need at least 120 hours of practice driving in NSW to get your P plates, but driving more than that is always a good thing. Practice makes perfect – so keep driving as much as you can before your first driving test.
  • Drive near your expected testing route – This is one of the best tips for passing your drive test on the first go. You won’t know exactly where your examiner will ask you to drive – but if you have done a lot of driving in the area near the testing centre, you’re more likely to be on familiar ground. You won’t be surprised by stoplights or stop signs, turn lanes, or other such things, and you will feel more comfortable and confident since you’re driving in an area where you’ve been before.
  • Get driving lessons – The pass rate for learner drivers who have gotten lessons from a driving instructor or driving school is much higher than those who go it alone. This is because driving instructors can identify weaknesses in your driving and help you correct them – making you a better, safer, and more effective driver overall.

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