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When Should I Start Taking Driving Lessons?

To understand when you should take driving lessons, it’s helpful to understand the purpose of driving lessons in the first place. Driving lessons, like all forms of teaching are a way of imparting one person’s set of skills onto another.
Hence, driving lessons will improve your driving at any time you believe that you could use another driver’s perspective on the road and pick their brain. After all, driving instructors are professionals at delivering their knowledge and habits onto their students.

Beginners Are A Clean Slate

That being said, driving instructors are extremely effective when you’re a beginner at driving especially if you haven’t started yet. This is because you’re a blank slate. After all, it’s easier to create new habits than to change existing ones.
Similarly, changing to healthy eating and exercising habits are so difficult for most of us whilst others who were instilled with healthy habits from birth find it effortless — it’s better to start off with safe driving habits right from the beginning of your driving career.
However, most learner drivers don’t have engrained habits. It takes hours upon hours of practice for a habit to become automatic and effortless — similar to how you wake up in the morning and instantly go to brush your teeth.
This makes all learners extremely optimal for driving lessons as they’ll be able to begin with safe driving habits. If a learner’s parents have already taught them habits they want to correct, then it should be a lot easier for them over someone who has been driving for a longer time.

Anyone Can Improve Their Driving

Despite driving instructors being greatly beneficial for beginners, if you find in any point of your driving career — whether you’re on your learner’s licence or your full licence, there may be certain maneuvers or habits that haven’t been fleshed out, using a driving instructor to overcome this is extremely effective.
After all, all drivers have weaknesses and if you want to be a safe driver on the road or to simply become a better driver, it’s important to create safe habits.

Faster Logbook Hours

Driving lessons should especially be used for learners who haven’t driven with an instructor before. In order to take the driving test, every learner driver is required to do 120 hours of driving.
But with the use of driving lessons, you’re able to get 3 logbook hours for every hour that you drive — capping at 30 logbook hours.*
This is a way of using driving lessons purely for time utility as it’ll save you 20 logbook hours that you have to do. If you decide to use LTrent’s instructors, you’ll be guaranteed to get an instructor dedicated to turning you into the best driver possible.
LTrent’s students have a 28% higher chance of passing the driving test, who already have a higher chance of passing than parents. And this is not just because they’ve memorised the road rules and are acting accordingly but they’re driving safer and rewarded for it.

*Only available in NSW

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