Why do crashes occur at intersections? | LTrent Driving School Blog

Why do crashes occur at intersections?

Why do crashes occur at intersections? | LTrent Driving Lessons

Many car crashes happen in intersections, with some intersections being notorious for the number of occurring auto accidents, especially in big cities where multiple-lane roads meet. According to a study conducted in 2018 in Australia, intersection crashes were second in terms of the number of deaths in car accidents.

So, why do so many car accidents occur at intersections? Intersection accidents can be explained by several factors, and we will go through the main ones in this article.

There Are a Lot of Rules to Follow

Where there’s an intersection, there will be plenty of rules to follow. With many road participants meeting in an intersection, there’s a higher possibility of someone being negligent and causing an accident, even if other drivers follow the rules.

In this example by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States, you can see how extra safety measures have been implemented in busy intersections. Unfortunately, this is not the case all over the country, and certainly not around the world (as much as we would like to). And, as the numbers show, intersection accidents are a big problem in Australia.

When there are so many rules, it’s easy to encounter situations when someone is negligent or distracted. Here is what can happen:

  • Distracted driving, one of the main reasons for car crashes, becomes even more dangerous in intersections.
  • Running red lights, whether it’s from obstructed views, negligence, or driving while intoxicated. It’s easy to cause an accident if you fail to see a stop sign, for example.
  • Making false assumptions about what other drivers will do: not ensuring that the intersection is clear before driving in is a risky way of crossing it. You shouldn’t assume that others are driving correctly, but check the situation before a maneuver.
  • Failing to determine who has the right-of-way: one of the most common mistakes drivers make is to not give the right of way when they should. When in doubt, just bailout.

Get a Car Accident Attorney

If you suffered personal injury from an intersection car accident, it’s important to be represented by a top-notch car accident lawyer. In Australia, the driver who is at fault for an accident will pay the bills for the damage caused, so determining liability will be very important for the outcome of your medical bills and other expenses. Since intersection crashes can be complicated, the expertise of car accident attorneys is often needed.

Do You Need Extra Practice in Intersections?

If you are a new driver and you’re not confident in your skills going through an intersection, contact us by filling in the contact form and get a free consultation on how we can help. We at LTrent have a verified method for teaching Safer Drivers Course in NSW and will help you minimise the risk of intersection accidents.

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