Why do crashes occur at intersections? | LTrent

Why do crashes occur at intersections?

The second most common type of crash on NSW roads is a crossroad collision.
Nearly all crossroad intersections are governed by some sort of traffic control, either traffic lights, stop signs or give way signs.
We naturally tend to think that these traffic controls will keep us safe.
But they only work if everyone obeys the rules.
And sometimes other drivers don’t.
Drivers in a hurry will run through red lights. Others will drive through stop and give way signs because they didn’t see the sign or worse, completely ignore it.
Who do these drivers run into?
The driver who was driving according to the road rules.
This means that you cannot drive with the aim of obeying the rules and think that you will be safe.
Relying on other drivers to do the right thing is putting your safety in the hands of someone else. This is the reason crossroad collisions are so common.
What’s the answer?
Whenever you have right of way, you need to make sure that it’s safe before proceeding.
Many learners fail the driving test because they haven’t checked an intersection when they do have right of way.
The Trent method has taught hundreds of thousands of people to be safe drivers that don’t have crashes at intersections.