Why Your Child Needs A Driving Instructor | LTrent Driving School

Why Your Child Needs A Driving Instructor

Why Your Child Needs A Driving Instructor | LTrent Driving School

It’s a moment a lot of teenagers dream about: learning how to drive, and therefore getting a unique sense of independence.

But if you’re planning to teach your child how to drive on your own, or want to ask a friend who’s an experienced driver, we’d recommend you postpone this decision and consider taking your child to learn from a professional driving instructor.

Here are some compelling reasons why your child needs a professional driving instructor.

It’s Not Just about Passing the Test

Every parent just wants to make sure their child is happy, healthy, and safe. This is exactly why it’s a good idea to contact a licensed driving instructor that can teach your child how to stay safe on the road.

Driving instructors don’t just wing it – they will teach your child the road rules and how to react while behind the wheel in certain situations, which essentially ensure your child will drive safely.

You or your friend may have some bad habits behind the wheel without even realising it, which will then be passed to the learner driver. And bad habits are extremely hard to fix, not to mention the fact that some may put the teenager in danger.

You Don’t Have the Right Car

If you want to teach your child how to drive, you let them get in front of the wheel, while you are in the passenger seat. But you don’t have a lot of control over what happens, other than putting your hands on the wheel to swerve, which can be dangerous.

In a driving school, the car used by instructors has an extra set of pedals over at the passenger seat. So, what if the teenager makes a mistake that could be potentially dangerous? The driving instructor can stop the vehicle, and keep everyone safe.

Driving Instructors Know How to Teach

Drivers don’t just have to know which pedal is for fuel, and which is to stop the vehicle. There’s an entire array of skill sets required just to pass the test and get a driving licence. While you may have the best intentions, the truth is that if you don’t know what the learning process should look like, it’s possible not to teach the teenager to drive correctly.

For you, a lot of things may seem like instinct, and you probably don’t even realise why you do certain actions in a particular situation. Well, until they become instinct, the learner driver must understand the whole picture of driving.

There May Be More to It

Some states can have different requirements the child must meet before their driving test. For instance, teenagers in Victoria must pass a knowledge test and an eyesight exam to get their L’s and be at least 16 years old. Other states can have different rules, such as an imposed number of driving hours the teenager must complete before they are eligible to take the test.

In any case, there are things the driving instructor knows and can help you prepare accordingly. They are not just there to get the child to take the test, but act as mentors to help you even with the logistics, and even support.

Book Professional Driving Instructor for Your Child

Is your child excited about learning to drive? Make sure they develop the right skills to keep them safe on the road by taking them to an experienced driving instructor.

LTrent can help you. Our team of instructors can ensure your teenager’s learning to drive experience meets state requirements, and truly prepares them for the open road. Get in touch with us now to find out more. For our Sydney office call 02 8748 4500.. Alternatively, book a driving lesson for your child through our online booking system.

Learner Drivers in NSW should also undertake the Safer Drivers Course to maximise practical and theoretical knowledge of Safe Driving as well as add on 20 log book hours

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