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Will NDIS Pay For Driving Lessons

Will NDIS Pay For Driving Lessons | LTrent Driving School

If you’re disabled, you may be wondering if the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will cover the cost of driving lessons. In this article, we’ll discuss whether or not NDIS funding can be used to pay driving schools, and how your NDIS plan will work as you learn to drive. Let’s get started.

NDIS Funding Is Available For Driving Lessons

First, let’s answer your question. Yes, NDIS funding can be used to pay for driving lessons for people with disabilities. As long as you have “funding for Improved Daily Living” and driving lessons are “reasonable and necessary” for your goals, the NDIS will pay for specialised driving instruction from a reputable driving school.

How Do I Get NDIS To Pay For Driving Lessons?

First, you will need to contact NDIS to discuss your current NDIS plan, and that you would like to learn to drive or re-learn to drive after a serious accident, disease or injury has caused a disability.

This information will be taken into account as part of your NDIS plan, and you will receive funding that you can use to make vehicle modifications, take driving lessons, and perform the other necessary steps to earn your learner’s licence, provisional licence or full licence while disabled. Visit the NDIS website to get started!

How Do I Earn My Driver’s Licence & Learn How To Drive With NDIS?

The NDIS will assist people in obtaining their licence when it is determined that their medical condition will impact their ability to drive or learn how to drive. To begin, participants will need to obtain their learner’s licence.

Then, they will need to contact a specialised Driver Trained Occupational Therapist for a driver assessment. This occupational therapy assessment for learner drivers can be done at home, and takes about an hour.

The driving instructor/occupational therapist will look for deficits in vision, cognition and physical capacity for driving, as well as determine any specific vehicle modifications that may be required for the individual to drive safely.

Once this assessment has been completed, the Occupational Therapist will create a comprehensive medical report that will be sent to the Road and Maritime Services (RMS) office.

This report will include a recommended plan for the person for achieving their goal of a provisional or full licence. Usually, the occupational therapist will recommend that the disabled individual undertake a certain number of driving lessons with a certified driving instructor that specializes in medical rehabilitation.

Throughout these lessons, specific goals for the participant will be outlined – and feedback and information about their progress will be sent to the Occupational Therapist after each lesson.

After the initial prescribed number of lessons has been reached, the Occupational Therapist will write another NDIS report creating the next set of goals and prescribing another set of lessons – this will ensure that the disabled individual is always progressing with their driving skills, and helps find areas where they may need additional help and attention to improve their driving performance.

Need NDIS Driving Lessons? LTrent Is Here To Help!

At LTrent Driving School, we offer specialised driving instructors for disabled individuals, as well as vehicles with modifications like spinner knobs. If you are disabled and would like to learn to drive, or you have learned to drive in the past but a disability has affected your ability to drive, we are here to help. Contact us now on to schedule NDIS driving lessons!

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