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The Three Tests on Test Day

Did you know that there are three different tests on the day you attempt to get your P’s?
Most people focus on the driving component but there are two other tests before you leave the kerb.
The first part of your test will see your logbook scrutinised.

To be able to sit the driving test you need to have 120 hours of logged driving with a minimum of 20 hours logged at night.
The examiner will look thoroughly through your logbook to ensure that all the pages add properly together, there actually is 120 hours and the night hours were logged after sunset or before sunrise.
A logbook entry from 6:00pm – 7:00pm in early December is not night driving.
The testing officer will check to see that the front section of the logbook has been signed off by your supervising driver and the declaration on the last page is signed.
Finally, they will ensure that any bonus hours from the Safer Drivers Course or the 3 for 1 Program are correctly entered by a registered driving school.

If the logbook passes the test, then it is out to the car.
Before you drive, the testing officer will ensure that the car you use for the test is roadworthy.
They will want to see that there is plenty of tread on the tyres, all lights and indicators are working, that there is no significant damage and the car is registered.  
If the car passes the test, then you will start the driving component of test day. (58)
In order to get your P’s you will need:

  • An accurate and complete logbook
  • A suitable and roadworthy car
  • To drive to test standard

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