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How To Pass The Driving Test In NSW

How To Pass The Driving Test In NSW | LTrent Driving School Blog

If you are a learner driver and have had your licence for a while, you may qualify to take the driving test to get your provisional P1 licence. However, taking a driver knowledge test for the first time can bring anxiety. For this reason, you might be looking for tips to pass the test on your first time. This guide to driving tests provides some of the tips you can use to qualify on your first go.

1. Use a Familiar Vehicle

Whether you will use your instructor’s vehicle or your own car, ensure you have experience driving it and understand how to operate its important functions.

2. Practise Driving on Routes Near the Testing Centre

Practising near the centre you intend to take your test is highly advisable. If you are familiar with the routes, you will know what to expect on the big day.

3. Focus on Your Blind Spots

Whenever you merge, switch lanes or make a manoeuvre, don’t forget to look at your mirrors and blind spots. Learners who fail to check their blind spots typically have points taken off during the test. Additionally, don’t forget to conduct an observation check once you have stopped at a traffic light.

4. Be Calm

Being in the car with the testing officer can be intimidating. However, we highly recommend that you do your best to stay relaxed and treat the driving test like a normal driving lesson. Anxiety and nervousness will only cause you to make significant mistakes.

5. Signal Appropriately

The testing officer will check whether you signal for five seconds before leaving the kerb or parking spot. You should also signal for a few seconds when turning right or left, or switching lanes.

6. Don’t Ignore Stop Signs

Failing to stop completely at a stop sign can result in significant deductions.

7. Choose Gaps Decisively

Wisely choosing gaps in traffic requires patience and experience. Trust what you were taught during training and do your best to choose gaps safely. Remember that if you take long before turning, you could have some points deducted. Therefore, try not to be indecisive.

Get in Touch with us to Find an Instructor to Help you Pass Your Test for the First Time

These tips will certainly help you pass your driving test on your first try. However, if you want to ensure you acquire your provisional licence faster, we recommend receiving expert instructions from LTrent Driving School.

Anyone can benefit from our professional driving instruction. Our driving instructors can help improve your driving skills and avoid common errors that reduce your chances of passing the test.

Your pass rate will be higher when you work with a professional instructor. Drivers who have passed the test with LTrent Driving School always recommend your services. We also offer the Safer Drivers Course. The course allows NSW learner drivers to acquire the right skills and drive safely. Don’t hesitate to book your lesson today!

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