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What To Do To Pass Your Driving Test The First Time

What To Do To Pass Your Driving Test The First Time | LTrent Driving School Blog If you’re a learner drive and you’ve had your Ls for a while, you may be ready to take your drive test and get your Ps. But you may be anxious – and looking for driving test tips that will help you with passing your test on the first try.

It’s natural to be nervous, and to be worried about passing your driving test the first time. So in this guide, we’ll discuss a few tips you can use on your big day to pass on your first go.

1. Use A Familiar Car

Whether you have your own car or you’ll be using your driving instructor’s car, make sure you have experience driving the vehicle, and know how to operate all of its most important functions.

2. Practice Driving On Test Routes Near The Service NSW Centre

We highly recommend that you practice driving near the test centre where you’ll take your driving test. If you’ve practised driving on routes near the centre, you’ll learn more about what to expect when it’s time for your big day.

3. Pay Attention To Your Blind Spots

Check your mirrors and blind spots whenever you merge, change lanes, or make any other manoeuvers. Failing to check blind spots is a very common reason that points are taken off during the driving test. Also, always remember to perform an observation check after you’ve been stopped at a traffic light.

4. Try To Stay Relaxed

We know it can be intimidating to be in the car with a testing officer, but do your best to relax and treat your test like any other driving lesson. Nervousness and anxiety will only lead to more mistakes!

5. Signal Properly

You must signal for at least 5 seconds before you leave a parking space or a kerb, and should signal for several seconds when changing lanes or making a left or right turn while your vehicle is in motion.

6. Stop Completely At Stop Signs

Failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign and “rolling through” can result in major deductions. Always come to a full and complete stop at every stop sign.

7. Choose Gaps Wisely

Safely judging gaps in traffic requires time and experience. Trust what you’ve learned during your training, and do your best to choose gaps safely. Don’t be indecisive, though. If you take too long to turn, you could have points deducted during your test.

Working With A Driving Instructor Will Help You Pass The First Time – Contact Us Now!

The above tips are sure to help you pass on your first go – but if you really want to make sure you get your P’s the first time you take your driving test, we highly recommend professional instruction from an instructor at LTrent Driving School.

Any learner driver can benefit from professional driving instruction. Our instructors can help you build your driving skills, and avoid common mistakes that can reduce your chance of passing your test.

The pass rate is much higher when you work with a professional – and drivers who’ve passed with the help of LTrent Driving School always give us high recommendations.  We also  provide the Safer Drivers Course for NSW learner drivers to gain the right skills and stay safe on the road. So don’t wait, schedule your first lesson online today!

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