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Driving in wet weather

Driving in wet weather | LTrent Driving Lessons

Rain is terrific for agriculture, soothing when it gets too hot, and just calming overall. But rain, when you are driving, is a potential hazard. Driving in wet weather should be done with extra care by road users since visibility and adherence to the road are drastically reduced.

Here are some tips for driving in wet weather that should help you remember how to minimize risks and control your vehicle as well as you can. Wet conditions should become a trigger for taking these safety measures because driving normally is not safe enough.


Why do crashes occur at intersections?

Why do crashes occur at intersections? | LTrent Driving Lessons

Many car crashes happen in intersections, with some intersections being notorious for the number of occurring auto accidents, especially in big cities where multiple-lane roads meet. According to a study conducted in 2018 in Australia, intersection crashes were second in terms of the number of deaths in car accidents.

So, why do so many car accidents occur at intersections? Intersection accidents can be explained by several factors, and we will go through the main ones in this article. (more…)