Why do people fail their Driving Test? | LTrent Driving School Blog

Why do people fail their Driving Test?

Why do people fail their Driving Test? | LTrent Driving Lessons

finishing driving school and being face to face with the final driving test, the one that could get you your driver’s license can be stressful for many students. After hours and hours of training and driving practice, you set optimistic expectations, and failing your driving test can be a terribly unpleasant surprise.

But understanding what caused you to fail can help a lot with your next assessment and rationalise what’s going on, allowing you to control the event much better next time. Let’s see why people fail their driving test.


The most common cause for failing a driving test is being so nervous that you no longer remember traffic rules or the subtleties of controlling the car. Many people failed their test not because of not knowing how to drive but because of being too nervous.

Driving tests are not meant to show that you are an expert driver – no one expects that from learner drivers. What the testing officers want to see is that you know how to drive safely.

Nerves can get in your way if they make you forget important rules of cautious driving or slowing down your responses. Some students react differently, blocking their minds, while others become hectic when they lose their nerves. Not seeing a traffic light, passing through a red light, and parking incorrectly are all common mistakes.

Insufficient Preparedness

Driving school can seemingly go well even when you do it a bit in a hurry. Not everyone has enough time on their hands to take a lot of driving lessons. The problem with being superficial when learning how to drive is that you don’t train your muscle memory enough.

You might understand some of the principles of driving one or two nights before the exam, but during your test, you might be so nervous that you can’t access that knowledge if it wasn’t recorded by your muscle memory. Prepare for the test by training enough until you react to the road without struggling to access that information. So it becomes second nature.

What Helps Before the Driving Test?

Training intensively with a professional driving instructor is the best way to prepare for your driving test. Driving schools advertise different benefits, but you should focus on the school that teaches you safe driving.

At LTrent, not only do we have our own safe driving method, but we include a practical driving test in our driving course. We maximise your chances of passing by recreating real-life conditions while you’re learning to drive.

You will learn:

  • Road markings
  • How to keep a safe speed limit
  • Seeing stop signs in time
  • How to do excellent reverse parks
  • Traffic signs
  • Cautious driving

If you want to pass your driving test, get in contact with us for a free consultation. We also offer the Safer Drivers Course in NSW, our instructor will teach you everything you need to know about safe driving. On the big day, just check your mirrors, breathe in a few times and apply what you have learned.

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